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Biography of Feezy

Abdulhafiz Abdullahi, popularly known as Feezy or Wonderwise, is a musical artist/producer born and brought up in Kaduna, Nigeria. He started his music career in 2012 with the Yaran North Side (YNS) group.

A few years later, he released his first album titled “Feelings” in 2016 and “Tune In” in 2017, which roamed the whole of Northern Nigeria (Arewa).

Under the prestigious group, Feezy released hit songs such as “An Fara Physics (ft. Geeboy & Wiz mo), Lies (Ft. Sagy & Mr Kebzee)”.

Feezy also featured in YaranNorthSide’s hit singles such as “Su baba ne, An Fara Physics, Lies, Da So Samu Ne” which featured other label mates.

Born a Northern Nigerian, Abdulhafiz has used his experiences and the Arewa way of life helped to nurture his Pop and Rap-infused R&B type sound.